Press Release

14.06.2020. –  Magazine – Changing your Life by Daniel Batelic

As soon as I got out of the taxi and headed for home of family Peretic, they were already waiting for me at the front door with smiles on their faces. Incredible warmth, relaxation, pleasure and joy that have emanated from them, so the first meeting was to remember. When I entered the huge living room, I felt the smell of citrus and freshiness as it expands the space, and in the background was playing some kind of silent meditation, relaxing music.

We came to the terrace, large sliding glass door was open, and through them slowly waved the white thin curtains, we went through them to the terrace where was table and several large comfortable black and white chairs .. We sat on them. I have to admit that you have a beautiful garden, I said to Mrs. Renata. Thank you, this is my place of relaxation and inspiration. I heard murmur of water, coming from a small fountain, a few meters from us. Really this is an oasis of calm and relaxation, rendered my thoughts out loud. Renata and Mark looked at each other, give hands to each other and firmly hold them with a smile on their faces. I could feel in my heart and how great their love. Then Renata started with their story:

A long time ago, when we were girlfriend and boyfriend, my husband and I agreed  that every year we do something for what we will remember that year. In 2014 we get married, and in 2017 we have become successful in our own business in network marketing. Of course the most beautiful years were 2015 and 2018 when we got the first and second child. In 2016 I attended a fabulous program by the name of Master Key MasterMind Alliance, which changed our lives. I still participate in this program, but as a certified guide. Many of our colleagues attended the that program, today it is far more than 200 people successfully completed from my country. We are very happy and laughing all the time because we know that we are the creators of our own life and that only depends on us how we will spend this day. Every morning we wake up grateful to have the chance to help so many people and to change their lifestyles in the way they wanted. And thus our lives are blessed with their stories.
Many years ago, I met with network marketing, but didn’t liked that kind of business. I had some other things going on in my mind. But when we had a child, I realized how important moments and happiness in life, and I felt that something needs to change. When you’re ready for a change, then it comes. So I found my network company that I liked their concept. They really changed the world and policy payments and possibility that ordinary man can change their life. I felt like I belong here. It is my duty to help people through this way and enable them to enjoy life and not to bother about finances. And they discover the “magic” of 3D technology and other deals of modern industry.
During 2017 and 2018 I held so many webinars regarding my NM company which was so fun. I met so many people that told me that they were looking for this kind of bussines. And they were happy that they come accross my website or youtube channel. But most of all I was extremely pleased that we were able to deliver 3d printers, scanners and pens to many different schools so children were able to learn about this technology and how to use it in daily use.
I was so proud when I first time heard that someone paid for their coffee with peoples money. Today life is so much easier for everybody as we can choose how we gonna pay for travel, pizza, coffee, clothes, hairdresser, etc.
My heart is big as house as I’m part of this great movement in the world and it feels great to know that I contributed.
Long time ago I promised myself that I will make changes to the world and I did.
I always keep my promises!
Renata Peretic