Hi, I’m Renata Peretic

Hello, everyone! 😀

I’m Renata Peretic. Living in Croatia. Happily married, have little 3,5 year old baby. I love rafting, adrenaline sports, I did bungee jumping and a lot of other crazy stuff. When I was younger, of course. Also, when I was younger I listened my mum and dad, and now I’m listening my baby 🙂 And my husband must listen to me if he wants to have peace in house (of course I’m just kidding) 😀

I was always interested in psychology and trying to find out what is meaning of this life, here on Earth. And I’m still trying to find out. I love nature, usualy I know to just stop and look at all the things that surrounds me – trees, buildings, birds, clouds, smell of cut grass, heat of sun rays, rainbow, when people smile to each other, when boy and girl hold their hands or when lady and man do that also, I so happy that I can see that beauty… And, I must confess that I every day of life is very sweet as I eat a little bit of chocolate 🙂

Here you can find more about my journey with Master Key Mastermind Alliance. I hope that you will enjoy reading it and maybe it will also help you with your journey.

Have a beautiful day,