Week 9 – Knowledge

Knowledge will not apply itself.. How many time I have heared that? And, yes, yes – I know what it means.. I understand.. or do I? Didn’t I trick myself about it? I think that I understand something – and then I think it is enought just to know about it.. And what did I do? Did I make changes? Did I make any actions.. for example – I know that I need to exercise more and sleep more or doesn’t take so seriously situations at my job.. but at the end what is really happening? I still don’t exercise every week as I promise to myself, I still don’t sleep enought.. and of course I take too seriously my job – and I’m still defining myself through my job… Of course, it is much less than before.. but now I can finally admit to myself that I still need to work out on my daily actions.

I need to control my thought.. It is not easy with all this daily obligations (opinion), but as it said in webinar there are greatness in all of us… We all have part in improvement of this world that we are living. I need to take responsibility for every condition in my life. When I done that – I’m free. And I enjoy how this road got me this far to realization of that thoughts and my actions. I believe that I can feel that freedom.. Yet, not completely.. but I’m very close… I understand that I make all the obsticles for myself… I’m the only one who have the power over me đŸ™‚

With this daily exercises, actions and behavior – I visualize my new reality that is a service to others. I’m whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. đŸ™‚


I always keep my promises



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