Week 8 – Mental diet

I’ve been on diet several times in my life.. I even acomplish my target weight… And also keep that target for some time… And now I’m back on my diet – phisicaly and mentaly.

But mental diet is THE ONE diet.. I never realized earlier how this diet can help me with my phisical diet… Yup. Although, at begining I needed to restart my diet for more than 50 times per day.. after that time, I stop counting for that day…

And, even I restart more than 10 times per day, I realized something – I realized my thoughts – how I get feelings and thoughts about situation I’m in… For example – while I’m driving to work (that is also the time when I make restart of my mental diet)… I realized that I been angry at some drivers and their driving… too slow, too fast… whatever.. But I get some emotions and thoughts about their driving..  and then I realized.. that something is bothering me, and it shouldn’t-… Why I get upset about someones elses driving…

I mean – all I can take care of and have full control is about my driving and giving speed or slowing down.. and it is the same with life.. I will meet a lot of people by which I need to speed up or slow down, but eather way I’m still driving my car (my life) and I choose how this drive will be. Will I listen good music, have window open or should I listen to news or some drama. And it is all about acting… it’s all about DRIVE 😀

It is the same with every other aspect of my life – at work, at home with my family or with my friends.. or even with my own private time. Only I have the power to alow myself to experience sadnes over joy, angry over happines.. or what ever… and also I realized that it is not “bad” to experinece “bad” feelings, but it is much nicer to collect more positive thoughts and live by it.


I always keep my promises



One thought on “Week 8 – Mental diet

  1. Hi Renata, I enjoy dreading your blog! I really like the way you linked your negative feelings while driving, converting them to positive feelings and then observing that you are the driver of your life! Bravo! Love and light to you, Nina


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