Week 5 – Life blocks

You’re beautiful. I am beautiful. The flower is beautiful. The bird is beautiful. Mud is nice. Everything has its own meaning. Everything is in place as it should be … A bit more (one week more) and I’m in harmony with the weeks 😀 and the feeling is great. I know, I could end up with weeks earlier, but it would look a lot different today (opinon). Here’s why .. I would be tired to play with my child, instead (although I knew how late I was writing), I decided to enjoy playing with him, with his smiles and hugs. I also know how to deal with my husband – because I would not have time for him, our hugs, and our moments of talk about our present and our future … I would also be overwhelmed for work where there is now a big changing within organization for which I believe it will be the best that can be for me and my life.

So I decided that I’d better enjoy each day and live a master key with my baby, my husband, friends and job… I know .. that’s just my opinion .. and within 5 weeks I try to be more aware  of each moment of my opinion or attitude .. and I know this is just an expression of that, but with that my behavior would be different … so I decided that I’d rather make it by my pace and catch it through a few more days in the current week .. and here it came .. I’m happy. I’m happy because I’ve spent the past days playing, kissing, talking, laughing and having fun, and I believe that this is exactly what my life should be. So let’s get in the best speed and put my life blocks in the right places .. And writing a blog is one of them.

I always keep my promises: D


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