Week 4 -14 and 10 years ago

When I was a student, at my 19 or 20 … I remember that I went to the cinema with my friend to watch move .. It was a very funny name – What the Bleep do we know — and I remember when we got in the hall, the lights went out and the movie started .. and so we look at the movie .. and I think to myself what is this  ..is this really a movie, some strange things happening to this lady in main role, and I don’t understand anything what’s happening .. doesn’t make any sence to me .. I even thought I’d stand up and go out, at the middle of the movie, to go to drink beer – it seemed to me a much better choice .. but for some reason I was left to the end … and I was totally delighted with the movie …

but I guess it took 12 years to see it again and I realize that now I’m ready for that movie and what it is offering. And so I’m glad I have both experiences because they make me complete.

From that experiance and awarness that I have today, for me it only means that if you need to learn something and if you may come at some point when you are not ready, it does not matter, it’s great .. it will come again and again, so as long as you do not understand and do not teach your self what you already know – that everything is great and how it should be 🙂

Other thing, I had promotion of my diploma on Saturday 27th … finally, after 10 years I finished collage… From 2009 I was left with 2 exams and graduate thesis .. and so I didn’t find time during those 10 years to finish it until now… and now I would not give you the exams, that my friend did not literally push and said, all you have to do now is call the collage office, and I was surprised and try to avoid the call. So, she told me – “Tell me the number and I call them to ask what you need to do to graduate” So, as Haanel said at 4-12 what you start – you have to finish it … On Saturday I was sitting in the hall and waited to call my name and give me a diploma which I has been postponed for 10 years … and frankly, it was a wonderful feeling .. I absorbed everything .. people around, space, looking for shapes … found them … looking for colors, found them … beautifully … and promise myself to to fulfill all the promises I have made to my self.. even if it lasts ten years 🙂 

I always keep my promises 😀




One thought on “Week 4 -14 and 10 years ago

  1. Hello Renata. Is it not amazing what we are learning and what information we had in the past was there, but not applicable until now. I’m finding out that I knew some things all along, I just needed to learn how to access the information.

    FYI… You posted this on Oct 29. So this is actually Week 6 for MKE.


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